Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

End 1st training session in Santander

We just finished the first training session 2014 in Santander. 10 days of training with of lot of different wind conditions.
We worked with other boats on speed and did some races on the different sailing areas we will use during the World Championship next september.
We gain more experience about this very particular sailing place. And we had some epic strong wind moments: breaking the mast on down-wind: The video.

The days were long and exhausting with sailing, physical work and few surf sessions.

We were sailing the last 20 days, first in Riva del Garda and this training camp with only 2 days off. We will have now 10 days at home  and then we will go back to Santander for an other training camp with a coach regatta in the middle.

See you

Yannick and Romuald

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014


Since tuesday we are back in Santander to begin our preparation for the 470 World Championship in september which is also the first possibility to qualify Switzerland for the Olympics Games.

The two first day of training were windy, around 18 nds. And as usual for here waves were quite big!

We are here for 9 more days and we will do 3 more training session before the World championship.

We use this training in Santander to test some material that's why we bring our two boats.

Yannick and Romuald